AUSTRALIA: Staged Season 3 Premieres On ABC TV Plus This Week

The third season of Staged makes its Australian premiere tomorrow night (Tuesday 6th December) on ABC TV Plus. David Tennant and Michael Sheen return as exaggerated versions of themselves alongside their real-life partners Georgia Tennant and Anna Lundberg and series creator Simon Evans, bringing some seasonal good cheer and the usual healthy dose of squabbling. 

Season 3 of Staged sees life back to normal for David and Michael. They have moved on from lockdown and returned to their everyday working life, while Simon's career remains stagnant. His phone does ring, but only to ask if he can get David and Michael back together; and they've made it clear they want nothing more to do with him. But Christmas is approaching, and Simon hopes the warmth of the season might soften them to the idea of a radio version of a Christmas classic...but that's as far as Simon's plan has got!

Watched Staged Season 3 Episode 1 on ABC TV Plus  tomorrow night from 9.13pm, with new episodes premiering weekly.

Staged: Season 3 Episode 1

Is There A Version?

Michael and David don't want to talk to Simon. Against their wills he finds an underhand way back into their lives and, worse still, their careers.