Staged Returns: Season 3 Coming To BritBox UK This Month

The award-winning comedy series Staged is back later this month and has found a new home on BritBox UK. From Thursday 24th November, the streaming service will exclusively debut the third series of Staged, alongside the first two series and a series special. Created by Simon Evans and Phin Glynn, the new episodes will see David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Georgia Tennant and Anna Lundberg make a welcome return to screens with some seasonal good cheer and the usual healthy dose of squabbling.

Series 1 premiered in 2020, while the UK was in lockdown in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the premise of David Tennant and Michael Sheen (playing exaggerated versions of themselves) having a planned stage production put on hold and their director Simon Evans, also playing himself, cajoling them into rehearsing over the internet. Series 2 followed in early 2021, with David and Michael still trying to navigate the ’new normal’ and, in a meta twist, assisting in the development of an American remake of series 1 by working with the actors (cue a host of celebrity cameos) potentially playing themselves.

There is no information yet about the new season's availability outside the UK.

Staged Series 3

Things have returned to normal for David and Michael. They have moved on from lockdown and returned to their everyday working life, while Simon’s career remains stagnant. His phone does ring, but only to ask if he can get David and Michael back together; and they’ve made it clear they want nothing more to do with him. But Christmas is approaching, and Simon hopes the warmth of the season might soften them to the idea of a radio version of a Christmas classic…but that’s as far as Simon’s plan has got! 

Staged Special

The Staged Special features not only mistakes and outtakes but it also shows how the show itself was found. From experiments in how to film the show to playing with the idea of who and what the characters would be, it's a unique look back at a unique show produced at the most unique of times.

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