GOOD OMENS 2: New Artwork & Release Window Revealed At NYCC Panel

Fans of Amazon Prime's Good Omens were treated to a glimpse of the second season today when cast and creatives took part in a first-look panel at New York Comic Con. The panel included writer and showrunner Neil Gaiman, director Douglas Mackinnon and producer Rob Wilkins, joined by returning cast members Nina Sosanya and Maggie Service and newcomer Quelin Sepulveda. Later in the conversation, David Tennant, Michael Sheen and Jon Hamm, who will be reprising their Season 1 roles as Crowley, Aziraphale and the archangel Gabriel, joined via Zoom. 

Season 1, based on the beloved novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, was released on Amazon Prime in May 2019. Neil has previously said that he and Terry sketched out ideas for a planned sequel that sadly never came to fruition. 

The official Amazon Prime and Good Omens social media account revealed new artwork for the returning show along with a release window for Summer 2023. They also released a batch of promo shots of the show's new characters. 

The panel also revealed:

- Quelin will be playing Muriel, a nice, well-meaning angel on her first visit to Earth.

- Maggie will be playing Maggie, the owner of a record store next door to Aziraphale's Soho bookshop.

- Nina plays Nina, the owner of the coffee shop 'Give Me Coffee Of Give Me Death', located opposite Maggie's shop.

- Miranda Richardson is another returning actor, this time playing the demon Shax, who was sent to Earth to replace Crowley.

- Donna Preston from The Sandman plays another new character called Mrs. Sandwich.

- Shelly Conn will be replacing Anna Maxwell Martin as Beelzebub as Anna had other commitments during filming.

- Jon Hamm hinted that Gabriel will walk naked through the street of Soho.

Panel attendees were also treated to an exclusive clip from the new series where Muriel's visit to Aziraphale in the bookshop is interrupted by the visiting Crowley. 

Check out the new character shots below: