David Tennant Teases Some Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Secrets

David Tennant has been chatting to fans about the 60th anniversay of Doctor Who during a panel at FAN EXPO Boston at the weekend and has revealed there are even more exciting cast members involved in the special that we don't know about yet.

David stated that set photos of he and Catherine Tate captured by the press whilst on location "aren’t even close to the whole story" .

During the chat he confirmed there was a closed set where he and Catherine filmed with "many other people".

"Most of what’s been filmed with other people has all been inside. So, there is lots more coming than people think, which is very exciting. And as far as I know, no one has quite figured out yet what Catherine and I are doing there. I think there is a lot of theory, a lot of speculation, but I’m very excited for people to see the tiny little cog we are in Russell’s great machine."

So far confirmed new cast members have been revealed as Yasmin Finney who plays Rose and Neil Patrick Harris who plays an unconfirmed villain.

Jacqueline King, the late Bernard Cribbins and Karl Collins who have previously appeared as Sylvia Noble, Wilfred Mott and Shaun Temple have also been spotted on set. 

Last Month showrunner Russell T Davies teased Doctor Who Magazine about the special saying:

"A mysteriously forgotten excursion for the TARDIS in between 'Planet of the Ood' and 'Sontaran Stratagem'?" Davies said. "Or maybe a multiverse thing, they're all the rage these days. Maybe this is the Doctor and Donna from Universe 557, all set to collide with our own. Then again, maybe, just maybe, this return is so impossible that it's actually an intricate illusion created by an old enemy of the Doctor's. Or maybe an old enemy of Donna's. Nerys! Of course, I wouldn't give that away in the pages of DWM, would I? But then again. This magazine is the first place I ever revealed the name of Billie Piper's Rose (in issue 340). So read carefully. There are truths in here."

RTD also spoke about the return of David and Catherine "Maybe this is a missing story. Or a parallel world. Or a dream, or a trick, or a flashback," he said. "The only thing I can confirm is that it's going to be spectacular, as two of our greatest stars reunite for the battle of a lifetime."

Talking about Russell during the panel David said:

"The things that go on in Russell T Davies’ mind! If only we could all have a ferret around in there, it would be very exciting!"

You can watch David's full panel below: