Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Update - Neil Patrick Harris Cast, The TV Debut Of A Comic Classic & Filming On Location *Possible Spoilers*

David Tennant is currently filming for Doctor Who's 60th Anniversary and there's plenty of news to catch up on.

Neil Patrick Harris has been officially announced as joining the cast as 'the greatest enemy The Doctor has ever faced' Russell T Davies, Showrunner said “It’s my huge honour to open our studio doors for the mighty Neil Patrick Harris… but who, why, what is he playing? You’ll just have to wait. But I promise you, the stuff we’re shooting now is off the scale. Doctor beware!”

The Mirror report that David's Doctor will be battling 'a cute fluffy rabbit' but don’t let its cute exterior fool you.
The Time Lord’s latest adversary is said to look anything but evil with its cuteness, but not all will be as it seems.
The adorable creature will in fact be a deadly monster named Beep the Meep intent on destroying the Time Lord.
It’s a move that show bosses are said to be confident will be a hit with younger viewers. Beep will appear alongside creatures called The Wrarths, with both having appeared in comic strips published in Doctor Who Weekly magazine in the 1980s.
‘Younger viewers will love Beep – he appears to be meek and cute, but he’s as deadly as a Dalek or a Cyberman,’ a source told the paper.
‘Russell has tapped into the novels and audio adventures, adapting them for TV.
‘It’s no surprise he’s looked to the comics, as Beep the Meep was one of the most popular creations.’

Meanwhile last week's filming saw the cast and crew take to the streets of Cardiff for a series of night shoots which saw David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Yasmin Finney in action as well as some expolsive stunts!

 (Image: @BluebirdLoki/Twitter)

The Bristol Post have also reported that filming will be on location in the city this week.