UK: David & Georgia Tennant Guest Star In Meet The Richardsons Finale Tonight

David and Georgia Tennant make a guest appearance in the season finale of Meet The Richardsons tonight. The show airs from 10pm BST on the UKTV channel Dave.

Watch a preview clip here:

Tonight, wedding bells are ringing as it's finally Gill and Johnny Vegas's wedding day and a host of famous faces pop up to attend the showbiz party of the year. Jon and Lucy are offered the chance to be on Who Do You Think You Are? where Lucy finds out she's got a famous relative and Jon bemoans growing up as a geeky child. And Jon and Lucy finally uncover the celebrity couple ripping off Meet The Richardsons.

Meet The Richardsons is a sitcom in which real life couple Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont offer a fictional view of their marriage. In this third series, Jon and Lucy move into a new neighbourhood, Lucy's career takes off and Jon struggles to cope with life after his beloved garden pub.

David and Georgia also appeared in episode one of this season.