PHOTOS: David Tennant Spotted Filming Scenes For Good Omens 2 In Scotland

David Tennant and the cast and crew of the new series of Good Omens have been spotted filming scenes for the new series of the show in Bo'ness. 

The scenes were being shot in and around the Hippodrome Cinema and many locals had gathered. The Edinburgh News reports that David took time out to chat and wave to fans who had stopped by to watch filming with Michael Sheen also delighting fans by smiling over at them. 

Later on, Sherlock star Mark Gatiss was also spotted leaving the set, and was followed by actors Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton.

Originally based on Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s international best-selling novel, the new season of Good Omens will explore storylines that go beyond the original source material to illuminate the uncanny friendship between Aziraphale, a fussy angel and rare book dealer, and the fast-living demon Crowley. Having been on Earth since The Beginning, and with the Apocalypse thwarted, Aziraphale and Crowley are getting back to easy living amongst mortals in London’s Soho when an unexpected messenger presents a surprising mystery.

Talking about returning to work on the series David said  “The return of Good Omens is great news for me, personally. As I get to work with Michael again, and I get to say Neil’s wonderful words once more. It’s probably less good for the universe as it almost certainly means there will be some fresh existential threat to its existence to deal with, but, you know - swings and roundabouts...”

Good Omens will continue filming in Scotland until March. It will premiere globally on Amazon Prime. 

Photos courtesy of Daily Record and Edinburgh News.