David Tennant's The Fires Of Pompeii To Be Released As Part Of New Collection Of Doctor Who Target Novels

The David Tennant era story, The Fires Of Pompeii, is to be released as part of a new Doctor Who Target novelisation collection from Penguin. 

The Fires Of Pompeii, which was written by James Moran, and was first shown on screen in 2008 will be released in paperback and on Kindle in the UK on 14th July 2022. You can pre order here. 

It will also be available on Kindle in the USA. Pre order here

The cover art is yet to be released. 

About the book:

"My masters will follow the example of Rome... our mighty empire bestraddling the whole of civilization!"

It is AD 79, and the TARDIS lands in Pompeii on the eve of the town's destruction. Mount Vesuvius is ready to erupt and bury its surroundings in molten lava, just as history dictates. Or is it?

The Doctor and Donna find that Pompeii is home to impossible things: circuits made of stone, soothsayers who read minds and fiery giants made of burning rock. From a lair deep in the volcano, these creatures plot the end of humanity - and the Doctor soon finds he has no way to win...