First Episodes Of The Legend Of Vox Machina With David Tennant Drop On Amazon Prime Video

The first three episodes of The Legend Of Vox Machina have dropped on Prime Video.

UK fans watch here. US fans watch here.

David Tennant voices the character General Krieg in the series. The Legend of Vox Machina  is based on campaign one of the Dungeons & Dragons web series Critical Role. Vox Machina, a band of eight unlikely heroes, find themselves on a quest to save the realm of Exandria from dark magical forces.

The first season will consist of 12 episodes released across 4 weeks, with 3 episodes premiering every week. A second season is expected to follow later this year. It is produced by Critical Role Productions; Titmouse, Inc. and Amazon Studios. regular cast include Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray and Laura Bailey.

Take a look at some behind the scenes footage, includiong David in the recording studio, in the video below: