David Tennant Named As The UK's Favourite Time Lord

It may be some time since David Tennant left the role of The Doctor in Doctor Who, but time means nothing when you've been behind the controls of the TARDIS, and he has recently been named as the nation's favourite Time Lord in  new study by bookmaker William Hill.

The study analysed tens of thousands of social media posts, domestic and international web search volume, headlines generated, and those all-important average IMDB ratings for each episode, meaning that the 13 Time Lords can be accurately ranked to find the internet’s favourite Doctor.

The study concluded that it was David, famous for playing the tenth incarnation of The Doctor in 51 episodes of the sci-fi series (8.2 IMDB), that claims the keys to the Tardis.

In second spot is the man David inherited the famous role from, Christopher Eccleston. The ninth Doctor, who first appeared in 2005’s The Parting of the Ways , and went on to clock up 14 episodes at the helm, with an average IMDB episode rating of 8.07, is the only other Time Lord who can compete on Tennant’s level.

Next on this list is Peter Capaldi, who racked up 41 episodes, starting with his maiden appearance in 2017’s Twice Upon A Time . Capaldi, though, was held back on the grounds of considerably lower search volume, both globally and domestically, as well as more moderate press coverage, but is otherwise highly thought of.

Current Doctor Jodie Whittaker, who first appeared in 2011’s The Woman Who Fell To Earth, claims fourth spot. The thirteenth Doctor, currently starring in series 13, title Doctor Who: Flux, was held back in her efforts to mount a challenge at the top by her IMDB rating, which was the lowest of all 13 Doctors.

And it was a similar story for fifth-placed Matt Smith, who despite boasting the highest IMDB average episode rating (8.3), scored second lowest in terms of public opinion on social media.