David Tennant At 50 - The Top 50 Moments - Part Five

To celebrate David Tennant turning 50 tomorrow, we've been sharing our Top 50 Moments. A collection of videos that highlight David and his illustrious career. 

We conclude that look back today with a selection of behind the scenes videos that show some of David's work...

Behind the scenes of the ITV drama Des, which saw David Tennant star as the notorious serial killer Dennis Nilsen.

Behind the scenes of the first series the crime drama Broadchurch.

Behind the scenes of Good Omens.

A young David Tennant auditions for Takin' Over The Asylum

David Tennant's Doctor Who video diary for Series 4 

David Tennant perfoms a scary fire stunt!

Behind the scenes of Single Father.

The making of United.

David talks about making Spies Of Warsaw.

David Tennant's video diary for the Doctor Who episode Doomsday