David Tennant At 50 - The Top 50 Moments - Part Three

To celebrate David Tennant turning 50 on Sunday 18th April 2021, we're sharing our Top 50 Moments. A collection of videos that highlight David and his illustrious career. 

We continue today's look back with a selection of videos from his time on Doctor Who...

The Doctor's hand is sliced off during a fight with the Sycorax leader. Since he is still within the first 15 hours of regeneration he is able to grow a new hand, a fightin' hand! 

The return of Sarah Jane and K-9! Sarah Jane snoops around the school and is shocked to find the TARDIS. Her and the Doctor have an emotional but restrained reunion. 


Still in a parallel dimension, the Doctor and Rose have infiltrated the party being held by Rose's parents, but things soon go awry when the Cybermen turn up uninvited.


Voted #1 greatest moment in sci-fi, horror and fantasy by SFX magazine readers in their 250th issue! In the most gut-wrenching of goodbyes, the Doctor and Rose meet on the beach of Bad Wolf Bay to see each other one last time.

The Doctor remembers Gallifrey, and tells Martha he is the last of the time lords.

The Family of Blood open the watch and discover it is empty, meaning that John has already changed back into the Doctor. 


 After defeating the Master and returning the earth to normal, Captain Jack reveals a surprising piece of information about his past...and possible future to The Doctor and Martha.


The Doctor and Donna are both separately investigating Adipose Industries and to each other's amazement they see each other at Adipose Headquarters. Trouble is, Miss Foster sees them too.


 The Tenth Doctor experiences an unusual regerneration into himself.

The Doctor's own mortality stares him in the face as Wilf pleads with him to restore Donna's memories of her time-travelling adventures. Subscribe to Doctor Who for more.​