David Tennant At 50 - The Top 50 Moments - Part One

To celebrate David Tennant turning 50 on Sunday 18th April 2021, we're sharing our Top 50 Moments. A collection of videos that highlight David and his illustrious career. 

We start today's look back with a selection of videos of various interviews and TV appearances David has made over the years...


Back in 2011 Graham Norton decided to test David and Catherine Tate on their lines for their forthcoming play Much Ado About Nothing... 


David's recent appearance on The Late Late Show in 2021 with James Corden saw David tell James all about Melissa Von Stressel, his fake assistant that he used to get out of gigs and requests he didn't have the heart to say no to directly. 

Graham Norton talks to David and Matt Smith about teaming up for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special in 2013.

Graham jokes with David & Olivia Colman in 2015 about the sexual tension between them on Broadchurch & looks at some fan art.

2017 saw David Tennant creep out the Last Leg crew with his 'evil British' villain accent from Marvel's Jessica Jones.


In 2009 David appeared on Alan Carr's Chatty Man to talk about leaving Doctor Who


In 2008 David Tennant made his first appearance on Top Gear as the Star In The Reasonably Priced Car...


2009 saw him get his 'sonic thing' out on QI   

Imagine running around your backyard as a kid pretending to be your favorite tv character, and then getting the chance to actually be him.  David Tennant got that chance with the hit show 'Doctor Who', and still has the scarf to prove it as he tells the Off Camera Show.

In 2016 David took part in Conversations with David Tennant for SAG-AFTRA whilst in New York for the American run of his RSC production of Richard II.