Big Finish Birthday Offer: Celebrate David Tennant's 50th Birthday With 'Before He Was Who' Deals

In celebration of David Tennant's 50th birthday today, Big Finish Productions are offering big discounts on his early work with them. The Before He Was Who! range collects the audio dramas recorded by David Tennant at Big Finish between 2001 and 2005, before he was named as the Tenth Doctor, and is currently available with discounts of up to 50%. 

The digital titles include the Doctor Who audio adventures Colditz and Medicinal Purposes, Doctor Who Unbound - Sympathy For The Devil, UNIT - The Wasting, Part Three of Dalek Empire (six episodes), all of which are available to download now for a price of just £1.49. The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright is also available, discounted to £2.99.

Click here to order.

Discounts are available until 23.59 UK time on Tuesday 20th April.