STAGED: Help Make Companion Book To The Comedy Series A Reality

Ever wondered how much of Staged was the actual work of series creator Simon Evans and how much was improvised by its stars? Very soon you'll have the chance to find out, with the arrival of a new book containing the scripts from both series, new photos, plus a load more treats besides.

Publishing company Unbound are delighted to present Completely Staged, the official companion to the hit BBC lockdown comedy series Staged. Containing the complete text of the screenplays from Staged’s writer and director, Simon Evans, and co-creator, Phin Glynn and a foreword from writer and broadcaster Gyles Brandreth, this handsome hardback is crammed with more than 100 images (many never seen before) – from photographs, screenshots and illustrations, to pages from the musical score and tips on how-to-draw-a-pineapple-David-Tennant-style – along with Simon Evans’s exclusive director’s notes. The book has been compiled and edited by Staged's co-producer Victor Glynn and Sophie Goldsworthy. Completely Staged is a must-have for every Staged fan and compulsory reading for anyone who’s ever wanted to learn how to summon a haggis.

Fans of the show have an opportunity to play their part in making the book a reality by pledging now to reserve a first edition of Completely Staged  – plus exclusive rewards –  supplied to subscribers before the official publication date. The book is currently scheduled to arrive September in the UK and November in the US and other overseas territories.

Pledges and rewards are available at a variety of price breaks - click here to find out.

Check out some excerpts from the book here:

Starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen (or Michael Sheen and David Tennant), along with a fantastic roll-call of A-list cast members, the British television comedy series Staged has been the international hit to emerge during the global coronavirus pandemic. Filmed using video-conferencing technology; the series follows the two thespians playing fictionalised versions of themselves as they try to rehearse a play during lockdown. Of course, the rehearsals go completely awry; the frustrations of working remotely and the psychological impact of the ongoing crisis bleeding into their everyday lives. 

Delivered in fourteen quarter-hour segments, Staged records the disintegration of two household names as they struggle to behave professionally in the midst of overlapping boredom and chaos. Their fragile egos take incessant beatings; their liking for one another is stretched to the limit. And yet, in spite of the constant tug and pull between Tennant and Sheen (or Sheen and Tennant), what emerges is a series of joyous snapshots of a friendship evolving despite the pixelated prison they (and we) are forced to live in.


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