Fans Join Together For A Doctor Who Lockdown Watchalong Of The David Tennant Episode School Reunion Tonight

Another Tenth Doctor episode is the focus of the next Doctor Who Lockdown tweetalong this evening.

From 7pm GMT, fans all over the world will start to watch School Reunion via BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon, other local streaming or rental services or even their own DVD or digital copies. You can join in by tweeting along with #MySarahJane

School Reunion, which premiered in 2006, was written by Toby Whithouse and starred David Tennant as the Doctor alongside Billie Piper and Noel Clarke as his companions Rose and Mickey. Doctor Who legend Elisabeth Sladen returned to reprise her role as the iconic Sarah Jane Smith. Anthony Head guest stars.

The episode sees The Doctor investigate a London school which is haunted by bat-like creatures.The Doctor finds his old friend already working undercover and both have old scores to settle and Rose discovers the true legacy of being a Time Lord's companion.

The Doctor Who Lockdown Live Tweet events are the brainchild of  Doctor Who magazine's Emily Cook follow her on twitter here for updates on future Doctor Who Watchalongs. Emily is also fundraising for the COVID-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund. Set up by the BFI and The Film and TV Charity, this fund will help support the creative community which has been devastated by the Coronavirus pandemic you can donate via JustGiving here.