VIDEO: David Tennant Announces Circle’s Christmas Card Competition Winner

David Tennant has been busy judging Circle’s annual Christmas card competition and has announced the winner in a new video.

Circle is Scottish charity working at the heart of deprived communities across central Scotland. Their aim is to support the most disadvantaged and difficult-to-engage children and families to improve their lives and promote their healthy potential and development.

David has been patron of the charity for many years and says:
"I was blessed with a safe and happy childhood. It is unacceptable to me that any child in Scotland should grow up in poverty or neglect. I am delighted and honoured to be supporting Circle in Scotland as they spread their invaluable work across the country."

Watch David announce the winner below: 

Alesha, aged 6, was delighted to win. 

Her story…

Alesha and her mum have been receiving support from Circle for just over a year. The family were referred by their Health Visitor at a time when they were moving from temporary accommodation to a permanent tenancy in a different area of the city. This was for a fresh start following some really challenging times.   

Alesha’s mum feels that the help she has had from Circle has made a big difference to the family’s life. Mum has received support in various areas including around parenting, improving school attendance and spending more quality time with Alesha as well as practical support through the COVID pandemic.

Alesha and her mum have been heavily involved in the Zoom activity programme which the team at Circle have been running and it was during one of the family sessions that Alesha created her award-winning Christmas card!  Alesha is attending school regularly and engaging in other activities which mum is supporting. Mum is more organised and confident in her parenting role and both have developed a positive relationship with their Family Outreach Worker which has played a key role in the changes made for the family.  

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