GOOD OMENS: First Look At Crowley & Aziraphale Funko POPs!

Courtesy of collectors' site Funko POP! news comes a first glimpse of the hotly anticipated Good Omens figures.The images show Crowley, as played by David Tennant, with an apple, while Michael Sheen's Aziraphale carries Agnes Nutter's book. Details include Crowley's snake tattoo and his yellow serpent eyes behind the shades. 

According to Discworld Monthly, there will also be chase variants (Aziraphale with a flaming sword) and a box set of the two characters with wings. Good Omens Funko POPs! are set to be released some time next year - pre-order information will follow in the next few days.

Photo credit: @FunkoPOPsNews on Twitter - make sure you follow them for updates and retail links!