UK: David Tennant Narrates The Final Episode Of The Children's Hospital On BBC Scotland & BBC iPlayer Tonight

Series 2 of The Children's Hospital, narrated by David Tennant, concludes on BBC Scotland and BBC iPlayer tonight with the final episode airing from 8pm. 

The popular eight-part series gives a behind-the-scenes look at Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, meeting the young patients and their families and showcasing the incredible dedication from the extraordinary NHS staff. An intimate and sensitive account of day-to-day hospital life, the programme unveils the effort that goes into giving thousands of young patients in the North East of Scotland the best possible care and reveals the camaraderie of the RACH’s dedicated hospital team.

In tonight's episode, a month after airway reconstruction surgery, two-year-old Charlie is rushed into the emergency department with breathing problems, a fever and vomiting. The team must act quickly to diagnose the problem.

Meanwhile, Lauren arrives with an earring stuck inside her earlobe and newly qualified nurse Amie shows what it’s like to work in the hospital’s busiest ward.

Andikan has a rare genetic disorder and lives on the hospital’s High Dependency Unit. Due to his condition, he has only ever spent a fortnight at home. The staff unite to make his second birthday in hospital extra special.