UK: David Tennant Narrates A New Series Of The Children’s Hospital Starting Tonight On BBC Scotland

David Tennant is the narrator of a new series of The Children's Hospital, which starts on BBC Scotland and BBC iPlayer tonight at 8pm. The popular series gives a behind-the-scenes look at Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, meeting the young patients and their families and showcasing the incredible dedication from the extraordinary NHS staff.

The eight-part series is an intimate and sensitive account of day-to-day hospital life, unveiling the effort that goes into giving thousands of young patients in the North East of Scotland the best possible care and the camaraderie of the RACH’s dedicated hospital team.

In this first episode, baby Jaxon has life-saving surgery at just three days old, toddler Ossian has something unusual stuck up his nose and little Lachlan celebrates a special milestone.

Baby Jaxon has a serious condition called gastroschisis which meant he was born with his abdominal wall open and his bowel on the outside of his body. The Children’s Hospital cameras follow the moment Paediatric Surgeon, Mr Patel, performs an extraordinary operation to delicately move the organ back into its natural place as Jaxon’s dad, Chris, bravely assists with the surgery.

Jaxon is one of 900 babies who will be cared for in the neonatal unit each year. The extraordinary medical support from the RACH’s dedicated team are a lifeline for these new babies. Without medical support from the dedicated team, these babies won’t survive.

Elsewhere, in the emergency department waiting room, three year-old Ossian is hiding an unusual problem - a chickpea stuck up his nose. The team require all their skill to shift the stubborn object.

It's also the start of a busy day for Oncology Nurse Dot, who has worked at the hospital for 25 years: “It can be really tough. You have good days, you have bad days but, on the whole it’s a lot of satisfaction looking after these kids, seeing them recovering and seeing them go home.”

For Dot and the team there’s a celebration on the Medical Ward as three year-old Lachlan takes part in a special hospital ritual to mark the end of his treatment for neuroblastoma.

The Children’s Hospital is a Tern TV production for BBC Scotland.

Watch the new series of The Children's Hospital on BBC Scotland from 8pm on Wednesday 7th October. Other areas of the UK will be able to watch via BBC iPlayer.


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