SCREENCAPS: David Tennant Contributes To Adobe MAX 2020 Creativity Conference

David Tennant contributed to the 2020 Adobe MAX Creativity Conference today as a speaker in the session Graphic Design: From Blank Screen to Brilliant.

David talked about taking part in the huge busy international project Around The World In 80 Days, which was shut down after three weeks production due to the coronavirus pandemic. He contrasted this with being locked down in London, with his return to work unknown and the future for those in the creative industries uncertain. David explained how, out of this, people were coming up with ways to be creative without leaving home, and as a result, Staged was born. However, while he was delighted that he and the other cast and creatives of the comedy show had the opportunity to work, it is still a challenging time for the creative industries, with no certainty that theatres will be re-opening in the near future. With many of the UK's best known performers, David included, starting off in theatre, he urges that it is important that the industry is thrown a lifeline. 

Check out some screencaps from David's talk below: 

David can also be seen by participants in the Americas region tomorrow:

Thursday 22nd October 20:30 - 21:30 BST

LB5053 - The Future is Creative

Join Adobe's Senior Director of Education Initiatives Ben Forta hosts The Future is Creative.

Special guests include: 

  • Chris Do, Futur Founder, who speaks on "Teaching What You Know and Making a Living Doing What You Love"
  • Music Break with violinist Sumina Studer
  • Hip-hop artist, activist, and actor Common about the progressive charter school he opened on the South Side of Chicago called Art in Motion. It has a peace room and a dedicated wellness center, and instead of detention, the kids are taught to meditate. The curriculum is centered around music, the arts, individualized personal learning, wellness, and movement classes.*
  • Thought leadership agenda in Education. Join Elisa Villanueva Beard, CEO, Teachers for America
  • David Tennant, the Scottish actor who portrayed the Tenth Doctor Who, as he shares his thoughts on creativity and where he finds inspiration*

*On-demand October 22 only

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