PHOTOS: David Tennant In Sarah Maple's Nazi Sexy Shark Show

Check out some hi-res images of David Tennant in and on the set of Sarah Maple's Nazi Sexy Shark Show. The show comprises of six semi-autobiographical films which are screening during Sarah's current exhibition at Jealous Gallery East in London until 20th October. However, you'll be able to watch the films tomorrow night on Sky Arts from 11.00pm.

Sarah Maple's Nazi Sexy Shark Show 

Life was going well for young graduate artist Sarah Maple when she won the prestigious Saatchi Prize in 2007. Tipped for art stardom surely nothing could stand in her way. Skip forward 13 years and life has not quite turned out as planned. She is now working full time in a sex shop with eccentric manager Jen, frequently ‘bumping into’ her art school nemesis Cressida and living off homemade curries from her Mum.

But now an opportunity has come her way. She has secured a solo exhibition at Jealous Gallery in London and Sarah has just 6 weeks to set her career back on track.

Sarah has to navigate questionable mentorship (with Kate Bryan) and issues of ownership (with David Tennant) while grappling with where ideas come from (with Sonia Boyce) and having the very nature of the series as ‘video art’ questioned (with Nikki Bedi). Created by Sarah Maple this provocative and playful series is a semi-autobiographical artwork that isn’t exactly a sitcom which takes aim at the often ludicrous nature of the art world.

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