VIDEO: The Making Of Des - Go Behind The Scenes Of The Gripping David Tennant Drama

Earlier this week, TV viewers across the UK were transfixed by the true-crime drama Des, which unfolded across three nights on ITV. Starring David Tennant, Daniel Mays and Jason Watkins, the series documented the arrest and trial of Dennis Nilsen, a prolific serial killer who operated in North London in the late 1970s to early 1980s. 

Now, in a video released by ITV, you have the chance to take a look behind the scenes of Des with David Tennant, who plays Nilsen, his co-stars and the show's creatives (may only be viewable in the UK)

Focusing on one of the most infamous criminal cases in UK history, Des explores the case of Dennis Nilsen, a civil servant who spent five years murdering boys and young men he met on the streets of Soho from 1978 to 1983. His victims were often homeless or living off grid, having slipped through the cracks of 1980s society and were therefore welcoming of this stranger’s apparent generous offers of food or a place to sleep. When he was finally caught on 9 February 1983, Nilsen claimed he had murdered a total of fifteen men. After his arrest, Nilsen was astonishing in his honesty: admitting outright the murders in the police car outside his flat. But infuriatingly for the investigating detectives, he couldn’t remember any of his victims’ names. The police started the biggest manhunt investigation in UK history, this time not for the murderer, but for the murdered.

Des is available for watch again in the UK via the ITV Hub. The series is also available to sream on Stan in Australia.

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