NEW INTERVIEW: David Tennant Talks To Candis About His "Incredibly Talented" Son Ty And Life In The Public Eye As A Father Of Five

David Tennant is interviewed in the September issue of Candis magazine where he talks about how "family is the most important thing in life".
Talking about his eldest son Ty, who is also a professional actor, David tells the magazine that he and Ty's mum Georgia were concerned when he first began his career in showbusiness,  saying: "Acting is a crapshoot anyway, and Georgia and I had this fear when he went into it of, what if we see him in something and he's rubbish? Will we be able to tell him? But as it turns out, he's incredibly talented. Which was a great relief to realise!" 

David who is also a father to Olive, Wilfred, Doris and Birdie, adds that he thinks being a dad is "one of the most extraordinary things".
"Our kids are lovely, and I think that being a dad is one of the most extraordinary and life-affirming things that can ever happen to you, as well as being something you have to keep working at if you're going to be any good at it.
"But the kids don't ask to be photographed when we're walking down the street, and we've decided that if we don't talk much about them in public, then we can maintain a bit of moral high ground to be able to say to photographers, 'Look, we don't talk about them, so you don't need to take their picture'."
"We don't want to be silly about it but we just want to try to live as normal a life as possible outside of work. I am hugely privileged to be a part of the world I am part of, and I knew what I was getting into when I entered it. But I think it is possible to preserve a bit of a private life, too."

You can read the full interview with David in the September issue of Candis magazine. 


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