Hear David Tennant & Tom Baker In A Big Finish Drama Tease Of Doctor Who: Out of Time

Big Finish is offering a 15 minute drama tease of the hotly anticipated Doctor Who audio adventure Out Of Time in this week's Big Finish podcast. Due for release later this month, Tom Baker and David Tennant co-star in a new, full-cast multi-Doctor audio adventure, the first of a trilogy, each of which will feature a different pair of Doctors. The first volume sees the Fourth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor team up to outwit the Daleks (Nicholas Briggs).

The weekly Big Finish podcast is presented by Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford and is available from the bigfinish.com site, Soundcloud, iTunes and all your favourite podcast providers. As well as the Out Of Time sample, the intrepid podcasters take a delve behind the scenes of the new production,and talk to David and Tom about taking part in the project.

Doctor Who: Out of Time is now available to pre-order as a collector’s edition CD (for just £10.99) or a digital download (for just £8.99) here.

Doctor Who: Out Of Time (Volume 1)
The Cathedral of Contemplation is an enigma, existing outside time. It turns through history, opening its doors across the universe to offer solace to those in need. 
Occasionally, the Doctor drops in – when he's avoiding his destiny, it’s an ideal place to get some perspective. Only, he's already there several lives earlier, so when dimension barriers break down, his past and present collide.   
And when the Daleks invade and commandeer the Cathedral, two Doctors must unite to stop them – or face extermination twice over! 

Listen to a trailer here: