Neil Gaiman On Making More Good Omens: "The probability is pretty good"

Good Omens author and showrunner Neil Gaiman has given hope to fans of the much acclaimed TV series by indicating that there could be a second series in the pipeline. Speaking to exclusively to Digital Spy, Neil said that a follow up to the 2019 comedy drama starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen could happen as long as the cast and creatives could safely reunite and shoot at some point in the future.

"I think the probability [of making more Good Omens] is pretty good," he said. "It's not like anybody doesn't want to make more Good Omens. We just need to figure out how and when and all of the various ifs, and sort everything out. Plus, we're in COVID world right now where nobody even knows how to shoot big drama. There are problems that none of us quite know how to solve. But we'd all love to do it, so it's really just a matter of seeing if we can actually make that happen in the world, if we can make the time happen, if we can work it with everybody's schedule. I know I'm not the only person who wants to see more Crowley and Aziraphale."

Previously Neil has stated that Good Omens was conceived as a standalone series. However, he and the late Sir Terry Pratchett, with whom he co-wrote the original novel, had plotted a sequel called 668 - The Neighbour Of The Beast and some of the ideas from this were used in the TV series. Neil has not ruled out returning for another season if there was enough interest.

Good Omens is currently streaming worldwide on Amazon Prime Video.


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