NEW INTERVIEW: David Tennant And Michael Sheen On Staged - “It was a total joy from start to finish“

David Tennant and Michael Sheen are interviewed in the new issue of TV & Satellite Week which is out today. In it they chat about their new socially distanced comedy series, Staged, which is coming to BBC one next week.

Staged sees David and Michael playing themselves. They were due to star in a production of Six Characters in Search of an Author in the West End. The pandemic has put paid to that, but their director (Simon Evans - also playing himself) is determined not to let the opportunity pass him by. He knows how big a chance this is for him and turns his attention to cajoling his stars into rehearsing over the internet.
All they need to do is read the first scene, but throughout the series they come up against a multitude of oppositional forces: distraction, boredom, home-schooling and their own egos...
What can you tell us about the show?

MS: it's about two young, plucky actors David and Michael. The premise is that we were going to do a play together then lockdown happened and the director of the play, Simon Evans, who also plays himself wants to keep things going while we're in lockdown and suggest rehearsals using video calls.

DT: Funnily enough they're also locked in their houses with their respective partners Georgia and Anna, who happen to be not unlike our partners Georgia Tennant and Anna Lundberg. 

You both starred in Amazon Prime Video's Good Omens last year. Did you enjoy working together again?

DT: Last time I worked with Michael I had to wear tight trousers and snake-eye contact lenses and fly halfway round the world. This time I tumbled out of bed, put on a tracksuit and barely brushed my hair. It was a total joy from start to finish.

What was it like working with the rest of the cast?

MS: Well, we're both playing versions of ourselves and working with our other halves, which is interesting. Anna and I have a baby daughter, Lyra, who is eight months old. She doesn't appear in Staged, but you can hear her in the background, which is great. 

Who else will be appearing?

MS: We have some surprise guests who were very exciting to work with. I'm not going to give away who they are, but we were very fortunate to have them join us on this.

DT: The advantage of nobody having to leave their front room means you can get some pretty surprising people involved. 

Did you do your own hair and makeup?

DT: Well, no one else did it! I have a hairstyle left over from the acting job I was in the middle of before everything got shut down, so I've got extensions in my hair which are starting to fall out and I haven't really shaved in weeks. I look like Stig Of The Dump! 

Watch Staged on BBC One at 10.45pm from Wednesday 10th June.
TV & Satellite Week is out now.