NEW INTERVIEW: David Tennant Talks Teaming Up With Tom Baker For A New Doctor Who Adventure

David Tennant speaks to the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine about his forthcoming audio adventure with Tom Baker.

Due for release from Big Finish in August 2020, the first volume of Doctor Who: Out of Time sees the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) team up to outwit the Daleks (Nicholas Briggs).  

Speaking about recording the new series, which has been recorded completely during lockdown, David tells DWM:

“Why do we love multi-Doctor stories? I suppose it's the band all coming together, isn't it? I remember as a kid I'd read about things like The Three Doctors and could only imagine how exciting that must have been. And then The Five Doctors happened and, well, five Doctors didn't really get together in the end, but three Doctors and a man in a wig and some clips of Tom Baker all got together, and that was exciting enough. Just the idea that Doctors should come together, it's exciting!"

"Tom Baker was very much the Doctor when I was a kid," David continues. 
"All of us who have had the great pleasure to take on that role since, every one of us - I wager including Jodie Whittaker -  keeps being asked where our long scarf is. And you think 'The Doctor hasn't worn a long scarf since 1981!' but somehow the image that he creates is so tenacious that the Doctor always has a long scarf. There's something about the way he's associated with the character that seems utterly timeless."

Meanwhile David says he's "recorded this sitting on a box of tiles with a child's duvet behind me to act as baffle for the sound, speaking over the worldwide web and recording on a laptop. Somehow this is all going to be spliced together by a genius to make it sound like we're in the same room. How wonderful to still be able to tell stories, even though the circumstances are slightly different. And to almost, sort of, meet the Fourth Doctor. When it's all finished, I will!"

Doctor Who: Out of Time is now available to pre-order as a collector’s edition CD (for just £10.99) or a digital download (for just £8.99) here.

Doctor Who Magazine #552 is out now in print and digital release. 


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