DuckTales Season 3 Update: David Tennant Is Recording From A Closet At Home

Frank Angones, the Co-Executive Producer, Writer, and Story Editor for DuckTales has posted an update on Season 3 over on his Twitter account confirming that Saturday's episode, The Rumble For Ragnarok!, will be the last to air for some time. Production on season 3 is still taking place, even in lockdown, with Frank confirming that David Tennant is recording for Scrooge McDuck from his closet at home! However due to the obvious restrictions in working in lockdown no exact air date for the return of the show is yet knon.

Check out what he had to say below:
We had always planned for a very small break after "Rumble for Ragnarok".  But due to the current state of, you know, everything, that break is gonna be a little longer than we thought.
While we're still able to work on episodes and keep moving forward, the various adjustments required by the global pandemic across multiple studios have meant that things are going to take just a little longer to make sure we can maintain the quality of the show. 
We don't actually know when exactly we're coming back. 
But we're all working our butts off to make that break as short as possible.  David Tennant is out here recording dialogue from a closet in his home.  We'll keep you posted as we know more. 
But we're so grateful for all the love for this first batch of Season 3 episodes, and we've got some real amazing stuff coming up: uneasy alliances, Moonlander menace, romance and monsters and immortals and heroes and villains and F.O.W.L. and Florida.

You can follow Frank on twitter at @FrankAngones
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