USA & CANADA: David Tennant On Psychological Drama Deadwater Fell - Coming To Acorn TV Next Week

Ahead of the launch of his gripping drama series Deadwater Fell on Acorn TV next week, David Tennant has spoken to TV Insider about the lure of the show. David was interviewed a few weeks ago, before the temporary shutdown of his new project, Around The World In 80 Days. 

Deadwater Fell stars David as Tom Kendrick, the local GP in a small Scottish village, who is the only survivor of a devastating house fire that kills his wife and three small children. When it emerges that the fire was started deliberately, Tom is the first to fall under suspicion as secrets emerge and the community starts to unravel. Cush Jumbo, Anna Madeley and Matthew McNulty also star. 

Read David's interview here:

Did you know the ending before you read the first script?

I knew the sort of story [creator] Daisy Coulam wanted to tell. I read Episode 1 going, "I don't see how the story ends up there." That in itself was enough to let me know that Daisy had written something quite special, unfortunately based in the real world.

Having played a detective on Broadchurch, you've been on both sides of interrogation scenes. What do you enjoy about them?
It's like a piece of theatre, a collection of people in a room going at each other. It's all about language, and forming the drama out of these characters revealing themselves or not revealing themselves. I love scenes like that.

You're now in South Africa shooting a series adaptation of Around the World in 80 Days. Could that be any more different?

Today, we were on the Atlantis dunes in Cape Town, which are these endless rolling vistas of white sand. We've had camels. We've had things exploding. So far, it's been enormous fun. But yes, very different.

Writer Daisy Coulam added, "It is a psychological study of a crime, and although there are suspects and a police investigation, it becomes more about exploring what drives people to commit these horrific acts. It gives you all the answers, but you're not spoon-fed them. You have to piece it together like a giant jigsaw puzzle."

Stream Deadwater Fell on Acorn TV in the USA and Canada from Monday 6th April.


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