David Tennant & Catherine Tate To Join Fans For Doctor Who Lockdown Watchalong This Sunday

David Tennant and Catherine Tate are joining fans for a Doctor Who watchalong of the Season 4 double-episode finale The Stolen Earth and Journey's End. From 7pm BST on Sunday 19th April, fans all over the world will start to watch the episodes via BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon, other local streaming or rental services or even their own DVD or digital copies.

The live tweeting will be led by David and Catherine who will be using the special twitter account set up for the Doctor Who Lockdown Watchalongs at @LockdownWho give them a follow now so you're ready for Sunday.
Russell T Davies, showrunner and writer, and episode director Graeme Harper will also be tweeting. 

There's plenty more in store for the big day too, with Russell T Davies explaing how it will work:

SUNDAY 19, 7pm, tweetalong with The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End. Here’s how it works...

SUNDAY 5pm, very special brand-new release. Stay tuned!

SUNDAY 7pm, press PLAY on The Stolen Earth. We can’t stream it for you, sorry. Find it on iPlayer, Netflix*, Amazon, DVD. And tweet along, using #subwavenetwork. If you can’t source the episode, follow the tweets, they’re still fun! With SPECIAL GUEST TWEETERS 😏 deleted scenes, gossip and more!

SUNDAY 7.46pm, The Stolen Earth ends. Make a cuppa! Or stay online, where we’ll tweet extra surprises. And line up the next episode so...

SUNDAY 8pm, press PLAY on Journey’s End. And at 8.34pm and 51 seconds precisely we can all say ‘Detonate the Reality Bomb!’ with Davros! It’s FUN!!!

*The Stolen Earth is Ep.12 of Series 4, as any fule kno. But Netflix numbering is different (they count the Christmas episode as the start of a new season) so on Netflix, The Stolen Earth is Ep.13. Don’t get caught out! 

Follow Russell on twitter here.

The Doctor Who Lockdown Live Tweet events are the brainchild of  Doctor Who magazine's Emily Cook follow her on twitter here for updates on future Doctor Who Watchalongs. Emily is also fundraising for the COVID-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund. Set up by the BFI and The Film and TV Charity, this fund will help support the creative community which has been devastated by the Coronavirus pandemic you can donate via JustGiving here.


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