Join The Day Of The Doctor Rewatch Tonight - Now With Exclusive New Short Scene Penned By Steven Moffatt

Doctor Who fans around the world are planning to put the coronavirus pandemic out of their minds for an hour or so with a simultaneous rewatch of the 2013 50th Anniversary Special, The Day Of The Doctor. From 7pm GMT, fans across the globe will start to watch the episode via BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon, other local streaming or rental services or even their own DVD or digital copies. The international audience can then join in the live discussion via Twitter using the hashtag #SaveTheDay. The event was organised by Doctor Who Magazine writer Emily Cook. 

And now former Doctor Who showrunner and writer of The Day Of The Doctor Steven Moffat has joined in the celebration by creating a brand new scene featuring a "much-loved Doctor Who character" which will be released online tonight at 6.30pm GMT, ahead of the simultaneous rewatch. The scene was filmed and edited remotely with a series star who will only be revealed when the scene premieres later on.

The Day Of The Doctor starred Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt, Jenna Coleman, Ingrid Oliver and Joanna Page, plus a number of surprise cameos, and saw the Eleventh Doctor unite with his past selves to battle classic foes and save Gallifrey from the Time War. 

Join other fans around the world in the rewatch from 7pm GMT (US 3pm ET, Australia 6am ACT). Please note that the episode is not being broadcast on any TV channels at this time so you will need to have your own copy or streaming service ready for the start time. 


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