UK: It's The End Of The World! Good Omens Concludes On BBC Two Tonight

David Tennant and Michael Sheen star respectively as the demon Crowley and the angel Aziraphale in the final episode of the six-part series Good Omens, which airs tonight on BBC Two in the UK. The apocalyptic fantasy series was scripted by Neil Gaiman, based on the 1990 novel he co-wrote with the late Terry Pratchett. Douglas Mackinnon directed the show which originally launched on Amazon Prime last May. 

In Good Omens, an angel and a demon, who have lived on Earth among the humans since The Beginning, discover that the forces of Heaven and Hell are preparing for the Final Battle. Unwilling to give up their comfortable lives, they pledge to join forces to defeat the Antichrist and save the world.

Good Omens
Episode 6: The Very Last Day Of The Rest Of Their Lives

As the celestial entities, witches, witchfinders and the Antichrist converge on the airbase, the Four Horsemen set events in motion that mean life on Earth faces its final moments. Adam, Crowley and Aziraphale must work together to save the world from certain doom. Will Heaven and Hell punish Crowley and Aziraphale for betraying them if they do? And Adam’s father gets wind of what he has been up to…but which father?
The series also stars Jon Hamm, Miranda Richardson, Adria Arjona, Jack Whitehall, Nina Sonanya, Michael McKean and Josie Lawrence.

Watch Good Omens on BBC Two from 9pm tonight.


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