UK: Good Omens Episode 3 Premieres On BBC Two Tonight

Episode 3 of the critically acclaimed series Good Omens premieres on BBC Two from 9pm. The six-part series was adapted from Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's cult 1990 novel by Gaiman himself, who also produced the show.  Good Omens was directed by Douglas Mackinnon and premiered in May 2019 on Amazon Prime. 

David Tennant stars as fast-living demon Crowley opposite Michael Sheen as fussy angel Aziraphale, a celestial duo who have been on Earth since the Beginning and who have become very comfortable with their lives among the human race. Therefore, when they discover that the Apocalypse is imminent, they resolve to join forces to prevent it. 

The series also stars Jon Hamm, Miranda Richardson, Adria Arjona, Jack Whitehall, Nina Sosanya, Michael McKean and Josie Lawrence.

Episode 3: Hard Times
Aziraphale and Crowley's friendship across the ages is revealed, as they are seen in the Garden of Eden, at the time of Noah's Ark, in Jerusalem, Ancient Rome, Arthurian Britain, at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, in a prison in Revolutionary France, Victorian London, getting mixed up with a Nazi spy ring in the Second World War, and in London's `Swinging Sixties". 
Meanwhile in the present day, Agnes Nutter's descendant arrives on her world-saving mission. Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell is contacted separately by both Aziraphale and Crowley, and asked to help them in their search for the Antichrist. He puts his new recruit, Newt Pulsifer, on the case. And as the end of the world nears and more of the Four Horsemen are summoned, Adam blissfully and naively uses his powers, changing the world to fit his imagination.

If you live outside the UK, Good Omens is still streaming worldwide on Amazon Prime Video.  It is also available to order on DVD and Blu-ray with extras that include commentaries and deleted scenes.


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