PREVIEW: David Tennant Tells The Jonathan Ross Christmas Show Of His Joy At Being A Father Of Five And Reveals All About His Christmas Proposal To Wife Georgia

David Tennant is a guest on tomorrow night’s The Jonathan Ross Christmas Show and he took the opportunity to share details of his joy at becoming a father of five.
David and his wife Georgia welcomed their newest baby in October and David tells the show that while raising five children is 'quite a lot', he finds parenthood 'great'.
He gushed: 'I have five children now, it’s quite a lot, it’s a sofa full! It is great. It’s a lot of work but there’s nothing like it really.  The baby is nine weeks old now so you’re just getting that thing where you look and get a smile back. You’d give up any night’s sleep for that.' 

David also explained how he and Georgia celebrate her birthday, which falls on Christmas Day, 'Christmas is about the kids. We stay up just past midnight on Christmas Day when all the kids are in bed and we’ll have a five minute birthday celebration. Then you’re like, the kids are going to get up in 20 minutes so we need to get some sleep!' 
And he revealed the family will be spending Christmas at home in London, ‘I don’t get the idea of going away, it doesn’t work for me. The idea you’d go and sit on a beach at Christmas, it’s wrong isn’t it! Shouldn’t it be cold and a bit miserable, shouldn’t you be under the duvet waiting to hear sleigh bells in the snow?!' 
David also shared the sweet details of how he proposed to Georgia back in December 2010. 'I wrapped up a big box in Christmas paper and there was another box inside that and another inside that. She didn’t get it. 
'It was weird. She was going through [the boxes] by box 10, she still hadn’t figured out what I was doing. It was great, she opened the last box and it worked, she said "Yes" thankfully!'  

Watch The Jonathan Ross Christmas Show on Tuesday 24th December on ITV at 9pm