Criminal Premieres To Critical Acclaim And Audience Praise

Netflix’s ground breaking new drama, Criminal, dropped on Friday to critical acclaim and high praise from viewers.
The dramatic series is set across the UK, France, Spain and Germany with the drama all taking place within the confines of a police interview suite. It is described as a stripped-down, cat-and-mouse drama that will focus on the intense mental conflict between the police officer and the suspect in question. 

David Tennant guest stars in the first episode of the UK series as Dr Edgar Fallon, a stepfather accused of raping and murdering his teenage stepdaughter.

The regular cast in the UK includes Katherine Kelly, Lee Ingleby and Nicholas Pinnock.

The press were full of positivity for the series and for David’s guest role:

The Guardian says: “The episode has possibly David Tennant’s finest small-screen performance at its heart. It’s a pared down, brilliantly balanced presentation of a doctor, Edgar Fallon, who is suspected of raping and murdering his stepdaughter. He spends the first half of his interrogation cleaving to his solicitor’s advice to say nothing but “No comment”, until he can bear it no longer. Then we follow him through the subsequent sinewy twists and turns as he offers up plausible alternatives for the evidence against him. The glory will go to Tennant as the guest star, but Lee Ingleby deserves just as many plaudits for his equally restrained, unshowy and completely convincing performance as the officer in charge of the investigation. They work together like a dream.”

The Independent says: “Criminal uses its small canvas to ask big questions. The focus on these intricate dances means that after a while we begin to question the idea of objective truth, as well as the facts at hand. ”

The Telegraph says: “The opening instalment is intentionally the most attention-seizing – but also the darkest and most disturbing. David Tennat plays against type as a doctor (not to be confused with The Doctor) accused of the rape and murder of his teenage stepdaughter. As his inquisitor matter-of-factly put it: “A 14-year-old girl was found dead in the woods with no knickers and her shattered skull held together with a bag-for-life.”
Prime suspect Tennant starts off blank-faced, stonewalling the investigation by intoning “no comment”. With just two hours until he can be released, there’s a ticking clock to further ratchet up the tension. When he eventually does break his silence, detectives suddenly can’t stop him talking but have to decide if he’s telling the truth.
It’s a finely tuned performance from Tennant – tight, controlled and full of tiny, telling details. There are also a pair of pleasing late twists.”

inews says: “David Tennant plays a murder suspect beautifully in this new police drama, which never leaves the claustrophobic interrogation room.” 

The Daily Express says “Tennant’s Edgar is chillingly intelligent and super creepy, but soon learns 

brains can’t get you out of trouble completely. ”

The Evening Standard says: “It’s an intense performance from Tennant, who 

spends the first half of his episode resolutely repeating “no comment” with the camera zoomed in on his face to capture every facial tic.”

Criminal United Kingdom is streaming on Netflix worldwide now.

Watch a trailer below: