NEW INTERVIEW: Doctor Who Magazine Goes Behind The Scenes Of The New Tenth Doctor Audio Adventures

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine goes behind the scenes of the new Big Finish audio adventures, which are due to be released later this month. 
Joining David for the three new trips in the TARDIS are the Noble family with Catherine Tate returning as Donna Noble and Jacqueline King and Bernard Cribbins joining them as mum, Sylvia and grandad, Wilf. 

“It’s so lovely to be additionally joined by Jax and Bernard this time and to have a chance to hang out with old friends again” says David, who returns once again to voice the Tenth Doctor. “But it’s weird how familiar it all is, because it’s been quite a long time now...” Ten years. “Ten years! I know! It doesn’t seem right, does it? Increasingly Now, I meet grown-up people who say, ‘You were such a big part of my childhood.’ Which of course is lovely, but you do think, ‘Ooh...’ Time moves on.”

“Russell was brilliant at creating family units that people completely identified with and fell in love with. There was a similar reaction last year when I did the Big Finish stuff with Billie and Camille. Because it was the same with Rose and Jackie, Martha’s family, and of course the Nobles. You felt you knew those characters; you felt welcomed into their home. It’s always very nice to revisit that.”

Returning to the now decade old era of the show was “like slipping back into a very happy coat.” says David. The first time Catherine and I did these two years ago, I worried it would be difficult to key back in. But staring through a booth at Catherine is enough to bring it back reasonably quickly.”

The three new adventures will take us back into history to the 1950s where menacing threats lurk in London’s smog in an entrancing tale by Roy Gill; we’ll explore dangerous underwater worlds with the Judoon in a thriller by Jenny T Colgan; and James Goss takes the Doctor, Donna and family on their most treacherous journey yet... into the horrifying world of reality television! David explains;  “It’s an audio version of found-footage, sort of The Blair Witch Project On CD. It’s quite high concept. Doctor Who scripts have been written now for over 55 years. That’s a lot of ideas that have been used up already, so it must be hard to find new ways of telling a Doctor Who story. Yet this script is something I’ve never heard before.” 

Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume Three is available for pre-order now. The three episodes, No PlaceOne Mile Down and The Creeping Death can be bought individually for £8.99 on download and £10.99 on CD. Alternatively all three can be bought together in a bundle for £22 on download and £25 on CD.

Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume Three (Limited Edition) is also available now on pre-order. A five-disc collector’s edition limited to 5,000 copies will be available on CD in deluxe bookset packaging for the pre-release price of just £35, with the download version for just £25.

Included with the limited edition CD release, Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 costume designer June Hudson has created fantastic images of some of the creatures and aliens, and writer and SFX specialist Mike Tucker has created storyboards. With behind-the-scenes interviews from cast and crew as well, this limited edition makes for an unmissable audio package.

Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume Three will be released later this month.

Doctor Who Magazine is out now!