GOOD OMENS: Praise For David Tennant & Michael Sheen As First Reviews Appear

With less than a fortnight to go until the six-part Apocalyptic comedy Good Omens drops on Amazon Prime, the first reviews are out - check out a selection below.

Based on the beloved novel of the same name by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, Good Omens stars David Tennant as the demon Crowley and Michael Sheen as his angelic counterpart Aziraphale. The show launches worldwide on May 31st ahead of a TV broadcast on BBC Two in the autumn.  

The Independent
"Sheen and Tennant anchor the episode as the central duo, and make for extremely entertaining company. Tennant’s portrayal of the reluctantly evil, sunglass-wearing demon is reminiscent of Bill Nighy in Love Actually: a swaggering, eccentric, borderline drunk performance that’s carefree. Sheen counters the bravado as the awkward angel, whose face often folds into itself whenever the conversation turns sour." 

Every time either actor appears onscreen, you can almost hear the costume department’s (and fandom’s) squeals of joy. David Tennant in snakeskin boots! Michael Sheen with artfully tousled bleached hair! A tartan bow tie!

As the show romps through human history from the Garden of Eden to the swinging '60s, [David Tennant] steals the show as slinky demon Crowley. A snake-hipped combination of Bill Nighy and Keith Richards, Tennant offers serpentine oomph whether he's sinking into the depths of demonic despair, engulfed by flame or dressing up as a Mary Poppins-style nanny -- practically perfidious in every way…Sheen's Aziraphale is a less showy part than Tennant's Crowley, but the unfailingly decent angel is the gentle heart of the story.
Tennant and Sheen...are absolutely exceptional, both individually and as a duo. Tennant's Crowley brings together the intimidating swagger of Kilgrave and the likable eccentricities of the Tenth Doctor, but in a way that feels entirely new and fun. As Aziraphale, Sheen brings so much nuance to a seemingly goody-two-shoes character, with hilarious and emotionally resonant results. Together, the pair of fan-favorite actors create a relationship that's electrifying to watch.

Den Of Geek
In fact, the end result of watching Good Omens as what amounts to a six-hour movie is that Gaiman’s screenplay was, perhaps unsurprisingly, a near perfect adaptation of his novel, especially with the visually stunning work of director Douglas Mackinnon, cinematographer Gavin Finney, and all of the other artists who created the look of the show

Good Omens cleverly invests in Crowley and Aziraphale’s relationship, scattering sequences of the pair meeting throughout history and occasionally saving each other’s lives. A whole show could be made of just Sheen and Tennant’s characters getting into. Their push-pull dynamic is as playful as it is stealthily romantic, something the show leans into as it becomes clear that their friendship is the heart of the series.

The show… has an overall dreamy, almost fairytale-like quality to it that keeps things both fanciful and sometimes haunting. But it’s also Good Omens’ necessarily large cast of supporting characters who bring the show to life as they cross paths with one another in the days leading up to the great dread.

We Got This Covered
Good Omens belongs to Michael Sheen and David Tennant as the angel and demon duo. Without them, Good Omens might have fallen apart, as it has so much going on and so many characters to juggle, but the focus on the characters mean it is, at its heart, a love story between these two unlikely companions whose friendship has lasted since the beginning of time. 

Bleeding Cool
…a charming, bordering on brilliant adaptation of the novel of the same name by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman… Sheen plays Aziraphale straight and unflappable, with Tennant playing Crowley as a strutting, preening peacock, almost like Mick Jagger trying on his best Beyonce, but with serpent’s eyes.

Sheen and Tennant have a great buddy-comedy dynamic, arguing with each other over theological principles but also clearly affectionate and respectful. The most satisfying aspect of the series isn’t the story of the potential apocalypse, but rather the development of the friendship between these two celestial beings who come to love both humanity and each other.