PHOTOS: David Tennant Meets Fans At C2E2 - Part Two

David Tennant was a guest as C2E2 in Chicago this weekend. Whilst there he met up with lots of his lovely fans for photo shoots and signing sessions.
Check out some of the awesome photos that have been kindly shared below:

When I was 12 years old, I liked a boy in middle school. He told me he liked both another girl and I at the same time, and this set my dramatic pre-teen self on a journey to impress him. So, when @jemappellebrigitte told me that the boy liked Doctor Who, of course I immediately jumped on the bandwagon and started down that path. I remember watching a random episode that same night I learned about it, and it was literally the worst because the moment I turned on the TV and flipped to its respective channel, a pivotal, emotional scene between Rose Tyler and the 10th Doctor was playing. I didn’t understand anything that was happening, cried like a baby watching it, then called Bridgett to yell at her for introducing this show to me. Then, I watched every single episode, every season of the reboot. Meeting David Tennant today sparked that joy I felt 9 years ago. Yeah, I’m a nerd! But Doctor Who helped me through a lot when I was younger and meeting him checked one more thing off the bucket list. I tried to be serious in this photo and couldn’t; I was smiling like a dork from start to finish. Thanks, C2E2 for making this happen!!! (And he wasn’t too bad in Harry Potter, Jessica Jones and Hamlet either jsyk 😜) #c2e2 #davidtennant #doctorwho #hamlet #jessicajones #harrypotter #convention #chicago #2019 #mccormickplace
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