Create Artwork For Amazon Prime's Good Omens

Amazon Prime have sent out a request to all the artists out there - they are looking for fan-created images to promote the much anticipated series Good Omens across their social media next year.

Amazon have teamed up with US based art networking site Talenthouse to launch a search for original poster artwork to celebrate the release of the six-part comedy Good Omens on Amazon Prime early next year. Illustrators, designers and graphic artists worldwide are encouraged to find inspiration in the unlikely pairing of angel and devil duo Aziraphale and Crowley and create art that can be used across Good Omens' key social channels and displayed at events.

Based on the beloved novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, Good Omens stars David Tennant as fast living demon Crowley and Michael Sheen as fussy angel Aziraphale. With the End of the World coming, the pair, who have become overly fond of life on Earth, are forced to form an unlikely alliance to stop Armageddon. But they have lost the Antichrist, an 11-year-old boy unaware he’s meant to bring upon the end of days, forcing them to embark on an adventure to find him and save the world before it’s too late. Created and produced by Neil Gaiman and directed by Douglas Mackinnon, Good Omens also stars Adria Arjona, Michael McKean, Miranda Richardson, Jack Whitehall, John Hamm and Sir Derek Jacobi.

Five pieces of art will be selected, with the successful artists receiving $2000 US each.

Artwork should feature Aziraphale and Crowley, and may also include other characters from Good Omens. The Amazon Prime logo should also be included in the design. Submissions are open to artists over 18 worldwide, with the exclusion of Brazil and Quebec. Multiple submissions (up to 10) are permitted.
You have until 6th February 2019 to submit your artwork to the Talenthouse website (free subscription required). 
Please read the official guidelines here.

About the characters:
A 6,000-year old demon. Satan’s representative. Handsome, dashing, sophisticated human character with a penchant for fine wine and designer sunglasses. Cynical, self-indulgent and basically amoral. He considers himself more of a ‘big picture’ demon than his peers, preferring to bring a large number of souls a little closer to Satan than to completely consume one person.
God’s representative. An angel of Heaven who has been on earth since Adam & Eve left Eden. Kind-looking gentleman who sartorial style runs to bow-ties. He is wise and a true lover of literature and music. He runs a beautiful chaotic used bookshop in London. He is a “field agent” for Heaven, but has a non-interference agreement with Crowley to ensure they don’t step on each other’s toes.

For more inspiration, check out the trailer below: