Mary Queen Of Scots: Reviews Round Up

Following the world premiere of the Oscar-tipped feature film Mary Queen Of Scots in Hollywood this week, reviews are starting to appear in the press. From Working Title and Focus Features, the movie marks the directorial debut of the Donmar Theatre's artistic director Josie Rourke and explores the fierce rivalry between Mary and her cousin Elizabeth I for control of the English throne. The cast includes Jack Lowden, Joe Alwyn, Gemma Chan, Martin Compston, Ismael Cordova, Brendan Coyle, Ian Hart, Adrian Lester, James McArdle and Guy Pearce, while David Tennant appears in a pivotal role as the outspoken cleric John Knox. 

Check out a selection of reviews below:

The Guardian
"Rourke and Willimon have crafted a juicy, darkly compelling drama that offers a sleek alternative to what’s come before. The film’s most thrilling pleasure is a show-stopping lead performance from Ronan, who at 24 is quickly becoming one of the industry’s most consistently impressive young actors." 

The Telegraph
"Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan butt heads in a thrilling drama of 16th century statecraft…this story has a deep bench of vivid supporting players, and all are richly brought to life here: I loved Jack Lowden’s smirking and dissolute Lord Darnley, Mary’s primary suitor; James McArdle’s sullen Earl of Moray; Adrian Lester’s tactful court ambassador; and David Tennant’s gimlet-eyed take on John Knox, very much the men’s rights YouTuber of his day and one of Mary’s most relentless detractors." 
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The Sunday Times
"A potentially glum historical narrative about the repeated betrayals of Mary Queen of Scots is brought thrillingly to life in this rousing political melodrama about the contrasting fates of two very different queens." 

"A history lesson with more fire in the belly than most. It turns out that a feminist angle really can revive the same old Tudor psychodramas, thanks in large part to Ronan and Robbie’s authoritative performance."
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The Hollywood Reporter
"Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie shine in this exceedingly of-the-political-moment telling of a compelling story."
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"Two tragedies unfold in Mary Queen Of Scots, a historical drama which is often more thought-provoking than it is enthralling. This tale of Mary Stuart and her cousin Queen Elizabeth I slowly builds to an unexpectedly pointed and moving finale, as director Josie Rourke presents us with rival monarchs who have more in common than they might realise. Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie are both superb in muted performances and, while the film’s palace intrigue gets a bit dense, the story never loses sight of its deep compassion for these characters and their shared plight of being held hostage by conniving, belittling, power-hungry men determined to usurp their authority."
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The Wrap
"The film…provides an intense, gorgeous and fully fleshed-out story of two queens, each born to rule yet still controlled and manipulated by the very men in whom they invest their trust and lives… bow down to Ronan and Robbie for taking two legendarily complex characters, who have been reborn countless times in film and television, and completely owning both roles." 
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"Josie Rourke’s Mary Queen of Scots is an epic look at the intimate frustrations of two massively powerful young women who spend most of their energy navigating between who they are and what they represent."
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Mary Queen Of Scots goes on release in theatres in the USA from December 7th 2018.
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Other countries:
Australia, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Singapore - 17th January 2019
UK - 18th January 2019.
Argentina - 24th January 2019
Bulgaria, Romania - 25th January 2019
France - 30th January 2019.