Mad To Be Normal Included In International Disability Film Festival In Moscow

Mad To Be Normal, the 2017 film starring David Tennant is included in the programme of the 9th International Disability Film Festival Кино без барьеров (Breaking Down Barriers), launching in Moscow in late October.

The aim of the festival is to promote a diverse picture of people with disabilities through film and to educate about issues that effect the lives of disabled people worldwide. This unique project is backed by Perspektiva, a Russian disability non-governmental organization, and it has been taking place in Moscow every second year since 2002. More information is available on the festival website.

Robert Mullan, the writer and director of Mad To Be Normal, tweeted that the film would be screened on November 25th:

Mad To Be Normal is based on the life and works of R.D. Laing. David Tennant plays the infamous 1960s psychiatrist, who was considered dangerous and irresponsible by his peers but given the status of a rock star by his students and patients. Laing proposed a medication-free approach to the treatment of mental illness, instead encouraging his patients to work through their psychosis. In the late 1960s he set up a commune at Kingsley Hall in East London where patients and practitioners lived together as equals, and much of the plot of the movie is set within this facility. Mad To Be Normal is a Gizmo Films production and also stars Elisabeth Moss, Adam Paul Harvey, Gabriel Byrne and Michael Gambon. 


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