INTERVIEW: David Tennant Talks Camping "If You Go Camping In The UK You're Taking A Risk"

David Tennant's new US comedy series, Camping is currently airing across the globe, including in Israel where it airs on Hot HBO at 10pm on Tuesdays. Catch up is available if you've missed episodes 1 or 2.

David recently spoke with Yedioth Ahronoth about the show, which sees him play henpecked husband Walt to Jennifer Garner's highly strung Kathryn. The unhappily married pair embark on a camping trip with a group of pals to celebrate Walt's birthday and comedy chaos enuses..

Check out what he had to say below:

How does a Scotsman such as yourself manage to adopt a native American accent?
"I’ve done it several times now. These things always get easier with practice. I also had a dialect coach that I’ve worked with before. Some accents you can do easily and some you have to work on. But once you’ve got them, they’re in your back pocket forever. I don’t think I could play South African successfully, though."

“Camping” is originally based on a British series. Did you watch it when it aired?
"I did see it. I didn’t see it, at the time. I don’t know how I quite missed it, but when this became something that I was involved in, I checked it out and I absolutely loved it."

Did you watch “Girls”?
"Yes, of course. There was something very funny, refreshing and real about it. [It’s] the sort of show you have to watch, because of its fresh perspective. It was a good show, about real people in their real world, even if it [the world] wasn’t familiar [to the audience]. So when they approached me with this new project, I immediately thought: sure, I want to work with the people who made that show. People who understand the human nature, who can tell stories about people and relationships."

Lena was on set during filming. What was it like to work with her?
"It was certainly a unique experience."

Did she give you any room to improvise?
"Lena and Jenni Konner, who co-wrote the show, are such talented writers that I didn’t even want to change any lines. I mostly followed the script as it was."

Jennifer Garner has millions of followers on Instagram. You’re not even on social media. Why is that?
"Social media sort of arrived just as I was losing my anonymity, and the two things did not seem to sit very well with each other. I wanted to cling onto whatever anonymity I had; I don’t want to have a place where everyone can find me. There might come a time I will give in and join."

Was camping a new experience for you, or is it something you do back home?
"I’ve never gone camping, and I have a good excuse for it. The weather in England isn’t as good as the weather here in California. If you go camping [in the UK] you’re taking a risk. There’s also the matter of the sand and dust and discomfort. We had a guy on set whose job was to capture the snakes that showed up on set, and every day he caught ten snakes. I know camping is a very popular thing here in the United States, and there are summer camps, where they send the kids and tell them, ‘See you in a month’. We don’t have that sort of thing."

Source: Yedioth Ahronoth, 24 Hours supplement, 29.10.18
Many thanks to Ann Carter for the translation.