David Tennant Attends Amazon Prime Showcase For Good Omens In London

David Tennant attended the Amazon Prime Showcase in London at the Curzon in Mayfair earlier today. He was there to promote Good Omens, the six-part TV adaptation of the comic apocalyptic novel by Neil Gaiman and Sir Terry Pratchett. The series has been written by Neil Gaiman and stars David Tennant as Crowley, 'Hell's most approachable demon', and Michael Sheen as his counterpart, the fussy angel and rare book dealer Aziraphale.
 Neil and Michael were also guests on the panel today alongside the show's director Douglas Mackinnon and fellow actors Miranda Richardson and Jon Hamm.

Good Omens is one of Amazon's most hotly anticipated new series and boasts a huge cast of major worldwide talent including Adria Arjona,  Michael McKean, Jack Whitehall, Sir Derek Jacobi, John Hamm, Daniel Mays and Nina Sosanya, plus many more. Set on the verge of the Apocalypse the series centres on an angel and demon who form a reluctant alliance to try to prevent the end of the world. Filmed on location in the UK and South Africa, Good Omens is set to premiere worldwide on Amazon in early 2019.

Speaking at today's panel Neil told how he ended up working with Amazon Prime on the epic production of the show:
"Good Omens began life with the BBC, and the BBC went, ‘It’s much too big for us, we need some kind of partner, and we went to Amazon who said, ‘We don’t really want to be your partners; we’d like it if you made it for us."

Another highlight of the panel was Michael Sheen and David Tennant talking about their working relationship on the show. Michael spoke about his pleasure at starring opposite David saying 'My biggest problem when we were filming and I would genuinely be going between: 'Oh you're really good' to 'I think I love you.'
'I was never quite sure where the character ended.'

David added:  'Most of our stuff is with each other. We spend a lot of time on park benches, so when you start on what was a long shoot, we had never worked together, what if we rub up against each other?
'But we found a rhythm quickly and if you've got someone you feel safe to play with and these characters that feel new and also recognisable, that comes from the writing.
And you know what this unique world is straight away, it was a joy.'

Jon Hamm, who stars in the show as the Archangel Gabriel, said: 'I had read the book some time ago and had been a fan of Neil's, and this book in particular, and he emailed me and said: 'I've written this character that doesn't exist in the book', and I said yes. It was a very easy yes. Because I knew that whatever version it was going to take was going to be excellent, then I saw who was going to be in it and thought: 'This is going to be fun too.' 

The next look at Good Omens will be at New York Comic Con on Saturday when a special panel will take place in Madison Square Garden. Find out more here.