USA: Schedule For BBC America's Tenth Doctor Marathon

BBC America is well into their epic Doctor Who marathon, The 13 Days Of Doctor Who, where they will screen every single episode of new era Doctor Who. Every adventure from every Doctor, from Christopher Eccleston to Peter Capaldi, will air ahead of the launch of the new season starring Jodie Whittaker on October 7th. 

Today David Tennant's seasons begin and you can see the schedule below. For the full schedule check

Saturday 29th September
8.00am   The Christmas Invasion
9.00am   New Earth (S2 E1)
10.00am   Tooth And Claw (S2 E2)
11.00am   School Reunion (S2 E3)
12.00pm   The Girl In The Fireplace (S2 E4)
1.00pm   Rise Of The Cybermen (S2 E5)
2.00pm   The Age Of Steel (S2 E6)
3.00pm   The Idiot’s Lantern (S2 E7)
4.00pm   The Impossible Planet (S2 E8)
5.00pm   The Satan Pit (S2 E9)
6.00pm    Love & Monsters (S2 E10)
7.00pm   Fear Her (S2 E11)
8.00pm   Army Of Ghosts (S2 E12)
9.00pm   Doomsday (S2 E13)
10.00pm   The Runaway Bride (Christmas 2006)
11.00pm   The Christmas Invasion

Sunday 30th September
12.00am   The Girl In The Fireplace (S2 E4)
1.00am   Rise Of The Cybermen (S2 E5)
2.00am   The Age Of Steel (S2 E6)
3.00am   The Idiot’s Lantern (S2 E7)
4.00am   The Impossible Planet (S2 E8)
5.00am   The Satan Pit (S2 E9)
6.00am    Love & Monsters (S2 E10)
7.00am   Fear Her (S2 E11)
8.00am   Army Of Ghosts (S2 E12)
9.00am   Doomsday (S2 E13)
10.00am   The Runaway Bride
11.00am   Smith And Jones (S3 E1)
12.00pm   The Shakespeare Code (S3 E2)
1.00pm   Gridlock (S3 E3)
2.00pm   Daleks In Manhattan (S3 E4)
3.00pm   Evolution Of The Daleks (S3 E5)
4.00pm   The Lazarus Experiment (S3 E6)
5.00pm   42 (S3 E7)
6.00pm   Human Nature (S3 E8)
7.00pm   The Family Of Blood (S3 E9)
8.00pm   Blink (S3 E10)
9.00pm   Utopia (S3 E11)
10.00pm   The Sound Of Drums (S3 E12)
11.00pm   Last Of The Time Lords (S3 E13)

Monday 1st October
10.00am   Partners In Crime (S4 E1)
11.00am   The Fires Of Pompeii (S4 E2)
12.00pm   Planet Of The Ood (S4 E3)
1.00pm   The Sontaran Stratagem (S4 E4)
2.00pm   The Poison Sky (S4 E5)
3.00pm   The Doctor’s Daughter (S4 E6)
4.00pm   The Unicorn And The Wasp (S4 E7)
5.00pm   Silence In The Library (S4 E8)
6.00pm   Forest Of The Dead (S4 E9)
7.00pm   Midnight (S4 E10)
8.00pm   Turn Left (S4 E11)
9.00pm   The Stolen Earth (S4 E12)
10.00pm   Journey’s End (S4 E13)
11.00pm   Partners In Crime (S4 E1)

Tuesday 2nd October
12.00am   The Fires Of Pompeii (S4 E2)
1.00am   Planet Of The Ood (S4 E3)
2.00am   The Sontaran Stratagem (S4 E4)
3.00am   The Poison Sky (S4 E5)
4.00am   The Doctor’s Daughter (S4 E6)
5.00am   The Unicorn And The Wasp (S4 E7)
6.00am   Silence In The Library (S4 E8)
7.00am   Forest Of The Dead (S4 E9)
8.00am   Midnight (S4 E10)
9.00am   Turn Left (S4 E11)
10.00am   The Stolen Earth (S4 E12)
11.00am   Journey’s End (S4 E13)
12.00pm   The Runaway Bride
1.00pm   The Next Doctor
2.20pm   Planet Of The Dead
3.40pm   The Waters Of Mars
5.00pm   The End Of Time (Parts 1 & 2)
8.00pm   The Next Doctor
9.20pm   Planet Of The Dead
10.40pm   The Waters Of Mars

Wednesday 3rd October
12.00am   The End Of Time (Parts 1 & 2)
3.00am   The Runaway Bride
4.00am   The Christmas Invasion

Sunday 7th October
11.30am   The Day Of The Doctor
5.00pm   Blink (S3 E10)