NEW PROJECT: David Tennant To Voice Scientist In New Sci-Fi Web Series gen:LOCK

David Tennant has joined the voice cast of a new animated sci-fi series, gen:LOCK, produced by the pioneering online media and entertainment company Rooster Teeth. Rooted in the tradition of mecha anime, the series is set in a dystopian future where conflict is settled by battles using giant armoured robotic armour. David will voice scientist Dr. Rufus Weller (aka 'Doc') in the show which centres on a group of young pilots who are recruited to control a new generation of the weaponised robots. Weller is the leader of the Experimental Science Unit and the inventor of the 'gen:LOCK' technology. 

Take a first look at David's character here:
David joins a cast which already includes Michael B. Jordan, voicing main character Julian Chase, along with Dakota Fanning, Monica Rial and Kōichi Yamadera. The series is created by RWBY producer and head of Rooster Teeth Animation, Gray G. Haddock and is being co-produced by Jordan through his own company Outlier Society Productions. Evan Narcisse is also on board as a co-writer. 

Haddock said of David's performance, "My jaw hit the floor when I directed David as Doctor Weller for the first time. He instantly nailed the breadth of emotion, both the humour and seriousness that Weller brings to the show — there are moments that will absolutely make the audience choke up. When you listen to him play scenes against other performances such as Michael B. Jordan’s Chase, you can’t believe this cast is real."

Chief Creative Officer Burnie Burns added, "Tennant is sci-fi royalty and we are thrilled to  have him join this amazing cast."

Rooster Teeth is a web-based company responsible for some of the biggest online series in history, including the award winning series Red vs. Blue and anime series RWBY. Their output also includes live action productions, games and the weekly Rooster Teeth podcast. Rooster Teeth has more than 45 million subscribers to its YouTube Network, 5 million unique monthly visitors to its website and 3 million registered community members. Founded in 2003, the company is now a subsidiary of Otter Media, a joint venture between AT&T and The Chernin Group. 

gen:LOCK will premiere in January 2019 exclusively on Rooster Teeth's online subscription network FIRST via FIRST is available on a free 30 day trial but then costs $4.99 per month.