Michael Sheen On Good Omens: "I Spent Six Months Doing A Double Act With David Tennant"

Michael Sheen made an appearance on the new ITV weekend show Zoe Ball On Saturday this morning and chatted to host Zoe about his recent work with David Tennant on Good Omens. The six-part adaptation of the cult comedy novel will be coming to Amazon Prime in early 2019 with Michael and David in the roles of the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley respectively. 

"I spent half of last year, six months the whole thing was, on this TV series called Good Omens, based on the book that was written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. So, Neil has done the adaptation of that and has been working on the show every day. I've been a massive fan of his since - well, I read the book when I was in drama school - so to be part of bringing it to the screen was amazing. It's a great story, " he said.

"I play an angel, " he continued. "It's about an angel and a demon who have to team up to stop the end of the world - it is a comedy! David Tennant plays the demon. So I got to spend six months essentially doing a double act with David Tennant. He's just the nicest man in the world. We would do scenes and I would literally be watching him and I would halfway through the scene have to stop and go, 'That was very good! You are good, aren't you?' It was kind of a real treat doing that."

Viewers in the UK can watch the interview with Michael via ITV Player until 21st April. 

Good Omens is a joint production between Amazon, BBC Studios, The Blank Corporation and Narrativia. It was directed by Douglas Mackinnon and boasts an impressive cast that also includes Adria Arjona, Jack Whitehall, Miranda Richardson, Michael McKean, John Hamm, Derek Jacobi, Lourdes Faberes, Nick Offerman, Anna Maxwell Martin and Daniel Mays. The series will be released worldwide in Spring 2019 on Amazon Prime and will be broadcast later in the year on BBC Two. BBC Worldwide is currently handling distribution to other TV networks around the world with details yet to be announced.