INTERVIEW: "There Is Something Delicious About Playing People That Go To Really Dark Corners Of The Human Experience." - David Tennant Talks Bad Samaritan To Entertainment Weekly

David Tennant has been chatting to this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly about his new US movie, Bad Samaritan, which is due to be released in theaters across America and Canada on May 4.

The plot centres on a pair of petty thieves, played by Robert Sheehan and Carlito Olivero, who find themselves in a world of horror when they target a classy residence only to find that the owner (David Tennant) has a girl chained and gagged in his office. reporting the matter to the police only focuses the psychopath's attentions on them and a tense cat and mouse game commences as he seeks to ensure their silence.

Speaking about his evil character in the horror thriller, which is written by Brandon Boyce and directed by Dean Devlin, David tells the mag:
"To find a positive aspect in Cale is quite tricky. He's definitely a monster. But as an actor you've got to try and find the reality within that, you've got to try and find the humanity in there, the little bits of vulnerability, or the reasons why that person feels justified in doing the things they do."

He also says he relishes playing darker characters, "There is something delicious about playing people that go to really dark corners of the human experience."

And he already had some experience in playing the bad guy, from his time on Marvel's Jessica Jones, which came in useful when preparing for Bad Samaritan:
"I'd been reading a bit about psychopaths when I did Kilgrave, so a lot of that research carried forward. He's a slightly different character, but they both enjoy a lack of empathy, and that's quite an interesting headspace to get in to. For someone, like myself, brought up as a Scottish Presbyterian whose engine is guilt, it's quite liberating to portray a character who doesn't suffer any of that."

Talking about Bad Samaritan's similarities to the classic Hitchcock style thrillers. He says,
"If you're going to steal, steal from the best! Yeah, there are definite Hitchcockian moments in there, and that's part of what I love about it. There's something unashamedly cinematic about that. I love sitting in a cinema and everyone jumping out of their seats all at once. You want the popcorn flying all over the seat in front of you. I think that's one of the joys this film will offer."

Entertainment Weekly also released an exclusive still from Bad Samaritan and placed it on their list of summer movies they can't wait to see.

Entertainment Weekly, featuring David's full interview,  is out now. 


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