VIDEO: David Tennant On The Casting Of 'funny and anarchic and crazy' Jodie Whittaker In Doctor Who

David Tennant took part in a series of press interviews at the premiere of his new film, You, Me And Him in Glasgow on Sunday evening and, as is usual for interviews with David, talk turned to Doctor Who.
David of course played the Tenth Doctor and his former Broadchurch co star Jodie Whittaker has now taken over the controls of the TARDIS to become the Thirteenth incarnation of the Time Lord. With David's former Broadchurch boss Chris Chibnall at the helm, everyone wants to know his opinions on what Jodie will bring to the role.

Talking to Scotland's Heart News he said:
"Because I know Jodie and I can imagine all the things that she might bring to it, I’m thrilled to see what that’s going to look like and what the stories are going to be. She’s such a great choice. I’m hoping the public will get to see sides of Jodie that she’s often kept hidden in the brilliantly sort of detailed character studies that she presents to the world.
There’s a madness to Jodie, she’s one of the funniest people, so I think we’ll get to enjoy some of that in The Doctor and it’s really exciting".

David also told STV News he was "delighted" to hear that Jodie was taking the job and that, like fans of the show, he is looking forward to seeing her episodes.

"I suppose I was wondering, because Chris Chibnall used to write Broadchurch and Jodie Whittaker was on Broadchurch, so I was sort of beginning to put two and two together a little bit before I found out the news. But then Chris called me up and said: 'The new Doctor would like to chat, is that OK? I've given her your number.' I said, 'all right,' and the next phone call I get, Jodie's name comes up.
It was wonderful because she's so right for it and she's so ready for it.
I think what the world will discover is just how funny and anarchic and crazy Jodie can be and that I'm sure she will channel into this part with great aplomb - it's going to be fantastic."

Watch David chatting about Jodie in the video below: