BAD SAMARITAN: Dean Devlin & Carlito Olivero On David Tennant

Movie website Film Threat caught up with Dean Devlin and Carlito Olivero, the director and one of the stars of the soon-be released thriller Bad Samaritan, during their visit to the Long Beach Comic Expo. Dean has produced the movie, which co-stars David Tennant and Robert Sheehan, through his own independent production company, Electric Entertainment, the company behind the TV hits Leverage and The Librarians. 

The film centres on two young car valets who are scamming customers at the high-end restaurant where they work. While the diners are eating, they are using their cars to travel to their homes and rob them. All is going well until they target the wrong home and attract the attention of a dangerous psychopath, played by David. 

Both Dean and Carlito had much to say about working with David.

“David is one of the most remarkable actors I’ve ever seen,” said Dean. “People who have seen the trailer are actually disturbed because he’s so likable as Doctor Who and on Broadchurch. They’ll be just as disturbed to see what a good villain he is. He’s very intense. When you see him play Kilgrave in Jessica Jones, you know that the guy can be a very scary bad dude. But I think he takes us to a whole other level that was so unique. It was interesting because all the people in editorial kept using the same word to describe him. They kept saying “he looks like a shark.” He’s got those dead shark eyes. He created a character that’s truly evil.”

Carlito, who plays valet and would-be thief Derek Sandoval, says about working opposite David, "He definitely keeps you on your game. He’s not a two-take type of guy. He makes you want to get better as an actor every time, man. He’s so focused. Even when we’re not filming, he’s just in his role, depending on whatever set he’s on. Super sweetheart, perfectionist, and it just made me want to become a better actor every time. It was amazing."

To find out what else the pair had to say about Bad Samaritan, auditions and working away from the big studios, read the entire interview on the Film Threat website.

Bad Samaritan hits movie theaters across the USA on April 27th